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An infrared sauna boosts your health

An infrared sauna boosts your health

An infrared sauna supports your health and relieves pain. Our country has one million chronically ill people. People with arthritis, rheumatism and fibromyalgia can benefit enormously from a Health Mate infrared sauna.

Because muscle pain disappears and stiff joints become supple again. An infrared sauna does not heal, but greatly alleviates the pain. And that makes a normal life possible for many people with chronic pain.

"An infrared sauna is good for everyone!"

User Testify

If they ask what drives Health Mate, these testimonies are our answer. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfied customers.

“Good health is the most important thing, as a pharmacist I notice that every day. Before I used my Health Mate infrared sauna, the combination of a standing job with long walks in the evening became very difficult.
My infrared sauna helps me to recover faster and get back to work with fresh legs in the morning. My wife has already been able to experience the advantages of my infrared sauna when it comes to repairing a stiff neck.”

Apotheker uit Nijlen

“Every day we enjoy half an hour of the soothing heat in my infrared sauna. Especially my wife, who was treated weekly by a physiotherapist due to blockages on the dorsal and cervical vertebrae, is doing well.
The painful symptoms diminished and she is much more mobile. She can now even work in the garden, which she hasn’t been able to do for years…. For the time being, the weekly visits to the physiotherapist are suspended!”


Also for people without pain

For everyone!

But an infrared sauna isn’t just for those in pain. 

  • Athletes, for example, make frequent use of it to boost their performance
  • And people who like to live a healthy life, want to burn waste products efficiently and thus boost their immune system, benefit from an infrared sauna
  • Moreover, it supports your heart

In short: an infrared sauna is good for everyone!

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