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The difference between Health Mate® and another brand?

The difference between Health Mate® and another brand?

The difference between Health Mate® and another brand?


It’s almost like you’re bathing in infrared light.

There are many different infrared cabins on the market, often cheaper than those of Health Mate® for example Supersauna. But don’t be fooled; not all infrared radiation has the same effect on your body. Health Mate® has been the market leader for 41 years and has become indispensable to many. We use the best materials and techniques, making us the only manufacturer on the market to offer a lifetime warranty. The annoyance about poor quality continues when the joy about the low price is long forgotten

The infrared waves of Health Mate®


The infrared waves of Health Mate® are therapeutic. We’ll explain why all our cabins, with the exception of the Economy series, have a therapeutic effect by means of the picture below. That picture is a study done by the ‘US national centre for biotechnology’. So what is drawn/written on that drawing has been researched by an American health centre. On the basis of this photo, we will explain to you as simply as possible why our cabins are therapeutic and how they can help you to relieve or remove your pain over a long period of time.

"Not all infrared radiation has the same effect on your body."

"Not all infrared radiation has the same effect on your body."

Medical infrared cabin


The most important thing is that the infrared rays of your infrared cabin have a very specific wavelength. This wavelength must be between 5,600 and 10,000 nanometres to obtain a therapeutic effect. Anything below 5,600 nanometres will only work as surface warming. On the drawing, you see:
• short-wave rays (IR-A)
• medium-wave rays (IR-B)
• long-wave rays (IR-C)
If you look closely, you will see that only long-wave radiation (IR-C) reaches 5,600 nanometres. But beware, not all infrared cabins with long-wave radiation (IR-C) are therapeutic. You can see that the long-wave radiation (IR-C) already starts at 3,000 nanometres, which is far from sufficient. The infrared waves are therapeutic in between and only in between where the red triangle is placed sideways. Our Tecoloy® radiating elements are located at 6,340 nanometres. As can be seen in the drawing, this falls within the therapeutic spectrum. A wavelength made, as it were, for the human body.

Therapeutic infrared rays


Only Health Mate® uses infrared rays that move microscopic water molecules at 6,340 nanometres, generating heat. The body itself ensures that this heat is sent deep into the body, making it heat up faster, more efficiently, better – and above all – safer. The cheaper versions, as well as our Economy cabins, work with inferior radiating elements that do not provide long-term health benefits. The warmth is good, but the effect is the same as taking a hot bath or warming up a cherry pit cushion. Pleasant, but not a long-lasting, pain-relieving effect.

What is the result of these therapeutic infrared rays?


A long-lasting, pain-relieving effect. But also:
• Health Mate® infrared radiation stimulates the immune system
• supports athletes and increases oxygen uptake in the blood
• helps with weight loss
• beneficial for your heart without straining it
• cleanses and creates younger skin
• pure relaxation
• detox boost for your body
• provides beneficial support for all types of medical complaints
• improves the blood flow to every cell in the body so that we stay
strong, healthy, and energetic

“A long-lasting, pain-relieving effect with many other benefits.”

“A long-lasting, pain-relieving effect with many other benefits."

The difference is also in the type of wood we use


The Health Mate® infrared saunas are made from first-choice Canadian red cedar, which has a hollow cell structure that reflects the infrared radiation. Any other type of wood absorbs the radiation so that you cannot obtain the desired result. Cedar does not live, rot, or mould and exudes a wonderfully aromatic scent.

The infrared radiation of cheaper cabins


Cheaper cabins use non-therapeutic radiating elements. These are, as you can see on the drawing, below 5,600 nanometres. Radiating elements such as full-spectrum move at around 2,300 nanometres, which is far from being high enough. The rest of the radiating elements that could possibly be used are also shown in the picture above. You can see that carbon emitters reach 4,000 nanometres and magnesium oxide emitters are just above 1,400 nanometres.
With short-wave radiating elements or full-spectrum emitters, we see the following effects:

The area to be treated must be directly irradiated, which is not the case here.

Does not diffuse in the body.

Fat and muscle tissue is irradiated only superficially and is thus only heated on the outside. Health Mate® infrared rays warm up your muscles and joints on the inside.

With full spectrum radiation, you only have a pain-relieving effect when you are in the infrared cabin. With the long-wave radiation of Health Mate®, this effect lasts 24-48 hours longer. (Deep level therapy)

It is not recommended for the elderly, children, and young children, obese people, and people with chronic medical complaints.

As with the classic sauna, it’s hard on the heart.

Not to be used for more than 10-15 min. (prolonged use increases the risk of heat cramps, headaches, dizziness, weakness, disorientation, convulsions, fainting, unconsciousness, or disturbed breathing).

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