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Health Mate® Cedar Wood

Health Mate® Cedar Wood

Our cedar wood is ideal for an infrared cabin

A few reasons in a nutshell!

The inside and outside of our sauna cabins are made of the finest Canadian red cedar. And we have our reasons for that:

This noble wood looks particularly beautiful.

It does not deform or tear at high temperatures, strong temperature fluctuations or large differences in humidity. Cheap woods can easily crack or bend.

You will immediately notice it when you have installed your infrared sauna: red cedar has a very pleasant smell.

Its natural oil content means that the wood is naturally protected against insects and moulds.

It has a fine, hollow cell structure, which ensures the reflection of the infrared radiation; all other types of wood absorb infrared.

Besides this, Health Mate manages the cultivation and felling of these trees. So, we are able to select only the finest wood.

A tree with a long tradition

For centuries!

For centuries, forests of old cedars have been a symbol of power and might.
In the Indian culture, the red cedar is called “the cornerstone of the Northwestern Native Indian culture”,“The Tree of Life” and the “Giver of Life”.

Some tribes even called themselves the “People of the Cedar”.

Health Mate®’s Journey

from Nature to Nurture

So your Health Mate® is 100% green. From start to finish - From tree trunk to sauna.

So your Health Mate® is 100% green. From start to finish - From tree trunk to sauna.

Choosing Health Mate® is an ecologically responsible decision


Wood is the only renewable construction material in the world that not only can be recycled but can also be regenerated.

North America now has more forests than it did 100 years ago.

Other materials, such as plastic, steel or aluminium, consume natural resources which cannot be replaced.

In spite of the fact that in the USA more than 47% of all construction materials are made of wood, using wood requires only 4% of the energy needed to produce it.
To produce steel, for example, you need 21 times more energy, and 15 times more sulphur dioxide is released during the manufacturing process when compared to wood.

From tree trunk to sauna

100% Green
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It is not only your Health Mate® sauna that is green. Our Chain of Custody (COC) is also certified. The Chain of Custody is the pathway that raw materials follow from a source carrying an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification via processing, production, distribution and printing up until the finished product.
So, your Health Mate® is 100% green. From beginning to end – from trunk to sauna.

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