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Health Mate® infrared sauna supports sports

Health Mate® infrared sauna supports sports

Many top athletes have a Health Mate® infrared sauna at home. And that will not surprise anyone given the many health benefits. The effect on your sports performance is spectacular.

On this page we present the various advantages of a Health Mate® infrared cabin for your sports performance. No more long rehabilitations and recoveries.

"Injuries heal up to three times faster in a Health Mate® infrared sauna."

"Injuries heal up to three times faster in a Health Mate® infrared sauna."

Why do athletes use a Health Mate® infrared sauna?

Do you exercise regularly?

It’s the perfect warm-up before exercise.

If you sit in your cabin with your clothes on until you start to sweat, you are perfectly warmed up for sports in cold conditions and you are better equipped to deal with injuries.

It makes your muscles flexible

Research has shown that stretching after a 40-minutes session in your infrared sauna brings about a permanent increase of 0.5% in your flexibility.

Even a session of only 20 minutes can cause a temporary, 10% increase in flexibility.

After physical exertion, your muscles recuperate faster because every cell in the body benefits from increased circulation. And that also means that muscle injuries heal up to three times faster.

"Recuperate faster in a Health Mate® infrared sauna."

"Recuperate faster in a Health Mate® infrared sauna."

User’s Testify

If they ask what drives Health Mate®, these testimonies are our answer. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfied customers.

Meanwhile, our Health Mate® infrared sauna has been in our home for seven years. We have a large model that we can use with four and it is used by the whole family: my son plays soccer, my wife plays tennis in competition, I cycle and walk a lot…. And we do notice that injuries recover much faster when we go into our infrared sauna after exercising. My son also goes in regularly as a warm-up, before the match.


I remember the exact moment when I thought: that’s enough, I’m going to start exercising. That was at the end of September last year, during a walk in Central Park in New York. It was all Indian Summer, the trees were beautiful, New Yorkers were wandering around with their offspring, hip joggers were drifting by. And I strolled from one bench to the other, sighing.


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