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Lifelong guarantee

Lifelong guarantee

At Health Mate®, we value the satisfaction of our customers. Every product is checked before it leaves our factory. We do this so that the product arrives in perfect condition and you can immediately enjoy your infrared cabin without any problems.

If something should ever go wrong or no longer work optimally, you can still sleep on both of your ears. Health Mate® is always available for technical problems and a technician is within reach. One phone call and we come by for free to solve the problem.

"You deserve a big compliment for this firm service!"

"You deserve a big compliment for this firm service!"

Lifelong guarantee

That’s a long time. Right?

Because Health Mate® provides a lifelong guarantee on the radiation elements, the control unit, the control panel and on the LED colour therapy system of its infrared saunas.
(This excludes the radio-CD or Bluetooth-AUX systems; you have a 2-year guarantee on those components.)

Why do we do this?

This is our passion!

We have been manufacturing the best infrared saunas since 1976, and we have no plans whatsoever to stop.
So you can depend 100% on our reputable service.

"A good product and a good service; the big picture!"

"A good product and a good service; the big picture!"

Anja Testify

If they ask what drives Health Mate®, these testimonies are our answer. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfied customers.

“Yesterday, your mechanic was at my house, because there was a problem with my control panel.
A very friendly man who had a clear answer to all my questions. You all deserve a big pat on the back for this outstanding service!”

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