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Relaxing with a Health Mate® infrared cabin

Relaxing with a Health Mate® infrared cabin

A Health Mate® infrared sauna is one of the best ways to relax and to relieve your body of the effects of stress. You close the door of your cabin and take some time for yourself – with your favourite music and a book, you can clear your head.
A Health Mate® infrared sauna ensures that your body gets out of stress mode.

The radiation elements penetrate deep into your body, delivering oxygen to your cells and relaxing your muscles.That is why a Health Mate® infrared sauna is ideal for anyone who suffers from tension headaches, a painful neck and shoulders or other stress-related symptoms.

"More energy? Less stress?"

"More energy? Less stress?"

Your favourite music

Who wouldn’t want that?

The Health Mate® Deluxe infrared saunas are all standard equipped with a Bluetooth system. So you can listen to your favourite music, talk on the phone or watch a film on your iPad while you work on your health.

Your Health Mate® infrared sauna is also colour therapy

LED colour therapy

Colour therapy relieves physical symptoms with the help of colour.
All Health Mate® Deluxe infrared saunas are equipped with LED colour therapy.
You set the system to the desired colour depending on the result you are looking for.
People who battle, for example, with seasonal depression – and that is 1 in 20 of us – benefit from white light.
Do you get headaches? Then, set your ‘colour canopy’ to blue light. Every colour has a specific application:

"Discover the effects of colour therapy in your own Health Mate® infrared sauna"

"Discover the effects of colour therapy in your own Health Mate® infrared sauna"


What is it & what colors?


Red makes us think of passion, and that is not just a coincidental association. Because in colour therapy, red is used to increase your libido and general energy levels. It also activates our bodies’ collagen, a protein that makes our skin strong and elastic, leaving wrinkles less visible.
Red also stimulates your organs and, especially when used in combination with infrared radiation, it provides a boost to any ongoing healing processes in your body.


Orange is often used in light therapy to stimulate mental activity .
Orange also improves mood, induces cheerful emotions and increases your energy levels.


Yellow can be used to ground us spiritually. Yellow is also good for those in need of a bit of extra optimism and the strength to look ahead positively.


Green is the ultimate colour for bringing rest and calming us down.
People who suffer from the ‘winter blues’ can benefit from this colour to restore a sense of their own power and joie de vivre.


Blue is used in colour therapy to relieve pain, anxiety and depression .
Some studies have also shown improvements in migraine headaches and high blood pressure after colour therapy. Blue light may also kill the bacteria which cause acne.


People with chronic pain may be helped by the colour purple.
Purple gives them the strength to control their response to the pain and to focus on other things.
Purple is often used on MS and fibromyalgia patients. This colour also stimulates the spleen and the production of white blood cells.
Violet hues also produce a calming effect, reduce anxiety and stimulate detoxification.


This colour is the one most often used in infrared saunas.
And since white contains red, green and blue, you reap the benefits of all these colours.
And, of course, research has shown that white light is responsible for stimulating the production of extra vitamin D.

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