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Thanks to a new construction and special Tecoloy heaters, you get the benefit of the health-promoting effects of a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin. Health Mate is committed to transparency and efficiency. This is why we have been carefully gathering studies and results of scientific research on infrared radiation for many years in order to underpin these health-promoting qualities. 


In order to lend further substance to this research, we have joined forces with various parties such as Maastricht University to name just one. Based on these earlier and new scientific studies, we have provided a considerable body of scientific evidence for the health-promoting effects of Health Mate infrared sauna cabins. Want to experience the healing powers of a Health Mate sauna for yourself? Download our brochure for more details.

"Long-wave infrared rays heat up the body from within "


Why do long wave infrared rays have such a potent impact on the human body?

The long wave infrared rays of a Health Mate cabin permeate into the skin, where they are absorbed by water molecules. This causes these molecules to start vibrating, which results in heat being released. In turn, this allows us to experience heat from within the body. Unlike short wave infrared rays, this radiation does not affect the collagen inside the skin. Short wave golf infrared rays are within the 770 to 1400 nm range, which induce the  MMP-1 enzyme to become more active. The purpose of this enzyme is to break down collagen, which over time means your skin becomes less smooth and young. Long wave infrared rays, with wave lengths between 3,000 and 10,000 nm, on the other hand, produce less intense infrared heat, which means your skin does not suffer any harmful effects.

Our body unintentionally stores increasingly more toxins through the food we eat and the cosmetics and alcohol we use. In addition, we also come into contact with noxious exhaust fumes and toxic substances in our everyday living environment. Examples include metals, phthalates and pesticides. These substances tend to bind to subcutaneous fat. They have an endocrine disrupting effect and consequently have a detrimental impact on our body. By warming up the body with long wave infrared rays, we prevent these toxins from accumulating inside the body tissues. As your body starts to sweat, you are improving your blood circulation whilst maintaining your cellular energy. In doing so, your body is detoxified and you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


The benefits of a health-promoting infrared sauna cabin

An infrared session is beneficial for body and mind. Inside Health Mate’s health-promoting infrared sauna cabins, you start warming up from the inside, whereby a signal is sent to your brain that your body is getting too hot. This sparks a whole raft of beneficial effects inside the body:


  • Raising your internal temperature by 1.5 degrees prompts the hypothalamus (= an important part of your brain) to release endorphins, which has a relaxing and analgesic effect. Moreover, this causes your body to produce heat shock proteins (HSP), which act as protective and restorative substances for your cells. This activates every cell in your body, which makes you feel in peak mental and physical shape for up to two whole days.

  • The pores of the skin open up and sweat glands are activated, giving our skin a deep cleanse.

  • This also stimulates the production of collagen, which has a hydrating and firming effect on the skin, nails, hair, tendons and bones.

  • As the temperature inside a Health Mate cabin rises slowly, which also means your body warms up slowly, your heart feels as though everything is under control. In doing so you are effectively giving your body a cardio workout, as your body is warming up whereby your heart constantly ensures it cools down again. Which is much more efficient than a Finnish sauna where the temperature go up quickly to reach around 110 degrees. 

  • Infrared helps patients suffering from various types of chronic muscle and joint pain such as fibromyalgia, lower back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Athletes too see their muscles recover faster after intensive work-out sessions when using infrared rays.

  • Allergic symptoms diminish. Patients show a significant reduction of nasal congestion, sneezing and itchy eyes after they have had an infrared treatment.

  • Your sweat also evacuates a lot of toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and other culprits which our liver and kidneys struggle to control. 


To read up on more scientific studies on the health benefits of a sauna, be sure to download our whitepaper for an overview.

Scientific research on infrared sauna cabins as a remedial treatment

The research conducted by Dr. Toshiko Yamazaki underpins the scientific consensus that regular infrared sessions with a radiation range between 5,500 and 10,000 nanometre secures proven improvement for the following diseases:

  • asthma

  • bronchitis (ended)

  • rheumatoid arthritis (7 in 10 cases resolved in a clinical trial)

  • cancer pain (strong reduction)

  • liver cirrhosis (reversed)

  • Crohn’s disease (ended)

  • cold hands and feet (20-25% sustained improvement)

  • bladder infection (gone)

  • duodenal ulcers (ended)

  • gastritis (alleviated)

  • haemorrhoids (reduced) 

  • hepatitis (gone)

  • hypertension (reduced)

  • colloids (substantially alleviated and completely gone in some cases)

  • leg ulcers (healed)

  • radiation sickness (symptoms alleviated)

  • skin problems in adolescents

  • tinnitus (chronic cases in 10 treatments)

  • eczema  and psoriasis (responded well)

  • pain relief

  • quicker recovery after athletic performance

  • scar recovery (3x quicker)

  • cellulite (noticeably improved pathology)

  • stress levels

  • blood cleansing (detoxification)

  • swollen lymph glands


Enjoy the health-promoting effect of a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin

It is generally advisable to go for a 30 to 45-minute session at least three times a week. The best temperature to start off is 40 to 45 degrees, which you then gradually drive up to around 55 degrees. This sees you train your body as you take it up a few degrees at a time.

The aim is to step up your heart rate in the same way as you would in a fitness workout and to keep this at anywhere between 60 and 80% of (220 - your age) for 30 minutes. Applying this formula to a 55-year old, you should keep your heart rate at (220 - 55) x 60% and (220 - 55) x 80%. The heart rate of a 55-year old Health Mate user is therefore ideally situated between 99 and 132 beats per minute during a session. To achieve this, some people need higher or lower final temperatures. The best thing to do however is to spend around 15 to 20 minutes in this heart rate bracket during your time in the sauna, followed by a further 10 to 15 minutes during cool down and the shower. In all, this means you spend a total of 30 minutes in the right heart rate bracket.


A collaboration between Maastricht University and Health Mate

After an 8-week study period in which retired-age participants were exposed to our infrared sauna with an average temperature of 60°C three times a week for 45 minutes, we are pleased to share some exciting findings that may have a positive impact on the health of our elderly.

The results show that there was an activation and strengthening of the immune system and significant increases in handgrip strength, along with improved blood circulation around muscle fibres during physical exercise. This means that during physical exercise, more oxygenated blood gets to the muscles.

These discoveries highlight a promising pathway for healthcare, highlighting its potential to improve the quality of life of the elderly.



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