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What is Health Mate® infrared radiation?

What is Health Mate® infrared radiation?

What is infrared radiation?

Briefly and quickly!

Infrared radiation is a colour which falls just outside of the visible spectrum.
So, we cannot see this colour, but we can feel it as heat.
Infrared radiation warms objects up directly; in other words, it warms things up without warming up the air in between.

"The cells in your body start vibrating, and the whole body warms up from the inside out"

"The cells in your body start vibrating, and the whole body warms up from the inside out"

The power of infrared radiation

Therapeutic effect!

The sun is the greatest source of infrared radiation – this radiation is not to be confused with (harmful) UV radiation, which travels at a different wavelength.
Our own bodies also generate infrared radiation.
The principle of healing using the palms of the hands, which originated in China 3000 years ago, is based on the healing effects of infrared radiation.

But alternative medicine is not the only field in which infrared radiation is used.
Since the 1960s, medical science has also used infrared radiation as a ‘therapeutic’ source of heat. It is used to maintain the body temperature of premature babies in incubators, it is used by physical therapists to heal injured muscles and by aestheticians for beauty treatments.

What does infrared radiation do to your body?

A scientific article

Infrared light is generated at wavelengths between 780 and 10,000 nanometres.
This wavelength range is important, because it determines whether the radiation actually has a therapeutic effect or if it just ‘feels good’.

And that is precisely the secret of Health Mate®’s infrared saunas – the radiation elements generate infrared radiation at a wavelength of 6,340 nanometres.
The water in the cells of our bodies vibrates at wavelengths between 5,600 and 16,000 nanometres. So, the two are a perfect match, so to speak.


Your body warms up…

And good as well!

The heat produced from the infrared radiation in a Health Mate® infrared sauna penetrates deep into the body’s cells and sets the molecules there in motion.
This motion inside the body generates heat (also inside the body).
So, the infrared radiation succeeds in warming up the body without warming the surrounding air, contrary to what happens in a traditional sauna.

And then wants to cool off again

Sweat it!

Once warmed, your body will work to eliminate the extra heat. So you start to sweat and lose body fluids: 80% water and 20% toxins. But that’s not all.
The entire cooling process requires energy. So that means that you burn calories. Without any effort and without getting tired.

You just sit in your sauna, relaxed and comfortable, while your whole body is working hard. Your heart rate increases, and your circulation is stimulated, just like if you had been jogging for a half hour. So, there are many health benefits to be gained from a Health Mate® infrared sauna, from detoxing to cardiovascular training.

Want to know more about our radiation elements?

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