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Would you enjoy some extra comfort in your infrared sauna?
We have custom-fit bench cushions for each of our cabins.
Some models can also be fitted with floor cushions. If you would like, you can purchase an extra pillow for the reclining bench.

Our sauna cushions are all made in Belgium.
Made of fire-resistant artificial leather (PVC).
Waterproof and easy to clean. They maintain their shape and comfort.

"The right cushions for each model."

Our cushion range

Seat cushion and sofa

Bench cushion

Bench cushion and pillow

Semi-cylindrical cushion

2 bench and centre bench cushions

Bench and floor cushion

HM- NSE – 2-BasicBench cushion€ 199,00
HM- NSE – 3-BasicBench cushion€ 220,00
HM- NSE – 1-DeluxeBench cushion€ 183,00
HM- NSE – 2-DeluxeBench cushion€ 199,00
HM- SSE – 3-DeluxeBench cushion€ 206,00
HM- LSE – 3-DeluxeLarge bench cushion€ 218,00
Cushion for small bench€ 102,00
HM- NSE – 5-DeluxeReclining chair cushion€ 285,00
Cushion for small bench€ 102,00
Pillow€ 45,00/78,00
HM- FSE – 5-DeluxeBench cushion, upper€ 239,00
Bench cushion, lower€ 239,00
HM-XSE – 5-DeluxeSet of 2 reclining chair cushions€ 440,00
Pillow€ 45,00/78,00
HM- FSE – 6-DeluxeReclining chair cushion, upper€ 285,00
Reclining bench cushion, lower€ 245,00
Pillow€ 45,00/78,00
HM-XSE – 6-DeluxeSet of 2 reclining chair cushions€ 570,00
Cushion for small bench€ 120,00
Pillow€ 45,00/78,00
HOOFDKUSSENSSquare pillow€ 45,00
Half-cylindrical pillow€ 78,00
ZITKUSSENSFor small, untreated bench(40x40cm)€ 81,00
For small, unteated bench XSE-5 (67x50cm)€ 117,00
For big untreated or treated bench (100x40cm)€ 163,00

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