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Book a free test session in our Health Mate infrared saunas

Experience the power of infrared heat during a free 30-minute test session and experience the positive effect on your body for yourself. For 30 minutes, we would love to let you discover the power of infrared for yourself, so you can strengthen your resistance and mobility.


Therapeutic sauna





Low electromagnetic field


Lifelong warranty




Low energy consumption

Why a Health Mate is good for your immunity

A Health Mate infrared sauna cabin sees you boost your immune system. Protecting yourself against the flu by raising your immunity the natural way. Inside a Health Mate, you warm up from the inside as it were, whereby a signal is sent to your brain that your body is getting too hot.


This comes with a whole raft of beneficial effects inside the body, including:

  • the evacuation of toxins through your sweat.

  • a deep cleanse of your body through your skin.

  • a natural cardio workout as your heart rate goes up while your body is trying to cool down.

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Why a Health Mate is good for your mobility

Investing in a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin also means investing in your mobility. The health-promoting infrared sauna cabins are fitted with patented Tecoloy heaters and act as natural pain relief for anyone suffering from muscle aches or rheumatism. In addition, infrared heat helps patients suffering from various types of chronic muscle and joint pains such as fibromyalgia, lower back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Athletes too see their muscles recover faster after intensive work-out sessions when using infrared rays.

Regular use of a Health Mate-infrared sauna cabin means people experience considerably less muscle and joint pain. Discover the health-promoting benefits for yourself in a free trial session at a retailer near you.

Try an infrared sauna cabin during the Test-Yourself-Warm days

A trial session is the ideal way to discover the benefits of a Health Mate infrared sauna for yourself. Come and try a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin in a 30 to 60 minute session, free of charge and without any purchase obligation. You decide if you come by yourself or with your partner to try out the sauna cabin. We guarantee complete privacy in a private space.

What you should know about a trial session
We advise bringing light clothes or a swimsuit and your own towels. 

Please bear in mind that not every store has on-site shower facilities.

After your trial session, an expert member of staff will be available for a debriefing. You get to share your experience, ask questions and obtain a no-obligation offer if you are interested.


Discover what Health Mate® can do for you

Receive our free brochure in your mailbox or in your letterbox

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Closing the door of a Health Mate sauna cabin behind you is taking time out for yourself. Inside the walls of the infrared wellness cabin, you get to enjoy the soothing, beneficial heat as you fully unwind. The infrared treatment seeps all the way into your body, delivering oxygen to your cells thereby ensuring all your muscles relax. Perfect when you are suffering from tension headache, rheumatism, a stiff neck or shoulders or other stress complaints.
Keen to find out what Health Mate can do for you? Get our free brochure sent directly to your mailbox or letterbox and find out more about the benefits of infrared sauna cabins.

Make the most of our exclusive terms in February

When you close the door of a Health Mate cabin, you take some time for yourself. Within the walls of the infrared spa, you enjoy the comforting warmth while you completely unwind. The infrared therapy penetrates deep into your body and oxygenates your cells so that all your muscles relax. Ideal if you suffer from tension headaches, rheumatism, an aching neck or shoulders or other stress-related complaints.

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"Injuries heal up to three times faster in a Health Mate® infrared sauna."

There is always a Health Mate® infrared sauna to suit your needs.

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When people ask us what really drives Health Mate®, these testimonials are our answer.
Nothing beats the feeling of a satisfied customer. That's why we are so happy with the testimonials about our infrared cabins, often from people you know.

Martine Jonckheere  |  actrice

Fifteen years ago, actor Martine Jonckheere had a Finnish sauna built in her home. But since she bought her Health Mate® infrared sauna, the traditional sauna is used as a storage space for her garden furniture cushions.

Martine: I used to take a Finnish sauna three times per week, but it really wasn’t very relaxing—in fact it took a lot of effort.

My husband Filip, who really does not like heat, rarely used it. Years ago, I coincidentally discovered an infrared sauna
when I was staying in a hotel in Croatia for Familie.
It was the week before my mastectomy, an incredibly difficult time. (Martine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.)

I can still see myself sitting there, in that infrared cabin. It felt so good. It was then that I thought: someday I want to have one of these for myself.

Every evening before I go to sleep, I take a Health Mate® infrared sauna. I just love it, having some time for myself.
In my cabin, I let all my worries go. And, then, I sleep like a log. Besides the pure relaxation, there is another great benefit.

For the first time since my mastectomy in 2006, I have regained feeling on the left side of my body.
It had been numb for years. Now it feels like that side is thawing. I have never felt anything like it in my other sauna.
And, the stiffness in my neck is also disappearing. I really couldn’t live without my sauna any more.

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