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Infrared cabins of Health Mate®

Infrared cabins of Health Mate®

Professional edition

From 5.840 €

Top-of-the-range luxury infrared cabin that boosts your health. With therapeutic Tecoloy long wave emitters (= at 6,340 nm), LED colour therapy, underfloor heating, low back emitters and Bluetooth system. Made of red cedar wood (inside and outside).

Professional edition

Basic edition

From 4.495 €

A basic infrared cabin with therapeutic effect and Tecoloy longwave emitters (= at 6,340 nm), but without LED colour therapy, underfloor heating, low back emitters and Bluetooth system. Made of hemlock wood on the outside, red cedar wood on the inside.

Basic Edition

Economy edition

From 2.745 €

A satisfactory infrared cabin with full spectrum radiation, made of hemlock wood.

Economy Edition

Health Mate® sportsauna

From 10.895 €

Playing sports in a Health Mate® infrared cabin offers many advantages. The infrared rays make your muscles extra flexible and afterwards you don’t suffer from stiff muscles. Moreover, you lose weight faster than when training at normal temperatures. In our new Health Mate® sports sauna there is enough space to roll out your yoga mat for a relaxing series of exercises. Or for your exercise bike or treadmill for intensive cardio training. Would you rather just relax? No problem. You have even more space than in our other infrared saunas.

HM Sportsauna
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