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Reviews from happy customers

Reviews from happy customers

Users Testify

If they ask what drives Health Mate®, these testimonies are our answer. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfied customers.

Martine Jonckheere


Fifteen years ago, actor Martine Jonckheere had a Finnish sauna built in her home.
But since she bought her Health Mate® infrared sauna, the traditional sauna is used as a storage space for her garden furniture cushions.

Martine: “I used to take a Finnish sauna three times per week, but it really wasn’t very relaxing—in fact it took a lot of effort.
My husband Filip, who really does not like heat, rarely used it. Years ago, I coincidentally discovered an infrared sauna
when I was staying in a hotel in Croatia for Familie.
It was the week before my mastectomy, an incredibly difficult time. (Martine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.)
I can still see myself sitting there, in that infrared cabin. It felt so good. It was then that I thought: someday I want to have one of these for myself.

“Every evening before I go to sleep, I take a Health Mate® infrared sauna. I just love it, having some time for myself.
In my cabin, I let all my worries go. And, then, I sleep like a log. Besides the pure relaxation, there is another great benefit.
For the first time since my mastectomy in 2006, I have regained feeling on the left side of my body.
It had been numb for years. Now it feels like that side is thawing. I have never felt anything like it in my other sauna.
And, the stiffness in my neck is also disappearing. I really couldn’t live without my sauna any more.”

Marc ‘Ironman’ Herremans doesn’t really need a formal introduction.
He is a 2-time Belgian Champion in the Olympic triathlon, was 4th in the Australian Ironman and 6th in the Ironman in Hawaii
, and in 2002, he was proclaimed Sports Personality of the Year by the Belgian sports press.
A cycling accident left him paralysed, but, at the same time, gave him the drive to persevere.
Marc continued to train, and in 2006 he won the handcycle division of the Hawaiian Ironman.

Marc: “Because of the paralysis, I often have trouble with my back, and I also have a lot of muscle spasms and muscle pain.
Without my Health Mate® infrared sauna, I would most likely need pain medication and a lot more physical therapy, but right now I don’t need either.
My daily infrared session keeps my muscles supple and allows me to crank up my training.
My Health Mate® infrared sauna is indispensable, especially in the run-up to a race. It’s my natural painkiller!”

Marc Herremans


Nick Nuyens


Racing cyclist Nick Nuyens stopped racing at the beginning of 2015.
During his professional career, his Health Mate® sauna was an absolute necessity.

Nick: “During my training sessions, my body took an enormous beating.
In my search for a way to optimise the recovery of my muscles, I came across the Health Mate® infrared saunas.
I discovered that I recuperated more quickly, which meant that I could raise the training intensity even higher.
Physical and mental fatigue disappear in my Health Mate® infrared sauna.
Health Mate® provides top quality and top service. And, besides that, they provide a lifelong guarantee for their products. That is just pure enjoyment without a care!”

Racing cyclist Jurgen Van den Broeck regrets that he only recently purchased his infrared sauna.

Jurgen: “At the beginning of this year, I purchased an infrared sauna. If only I had done so sooner!
While preparing for the racing season, my infrared sauna helps me make my training sessions easier to handle.
Especially if you have to do the training preparation in this climate. It feels extra nice after a long,
cold and often wet ride to relax and to warm up your muscles through and through.”

Jurgen Van den Broeck


"My Health Mate® infrared sauna is my natural pain reliever."

"My Health Mate® infrared sauna is my natural pain reliever."



“Twenty years ago, there was barely anything known about fibromyalgia, it was such a disease that was made up by the patients.”

Corinne: “I had been struggling with my health for many years. I was a single mom and worked hard, so I thought it had to do with that. When I met my current husband, I crashed. I couldn’t do anything anymore, I was so exhausted. At first the doctors were still thinking about thyroid problems, but through the grapevine I ended up with a doctor who diagnosed fibromyalgia. Twenty years ago there was barely any conscience about that, it was such a disease that was in your head. I took painkillers and went on, I had no choice. I needed that medication for the pain, but I wasn’t happy with it, I broke my body with all those pills.

“Detoxen, every day my Health Mate® infrared sauna and gluten-free food. After half a year I was a different person”.

Eventually I ended up with a doctor who suggested I change my diet. And yes, gluten-free food really made a difference. He also recommended an infrared sauna. And then I started searching. I think: if you make such an investment, it has to be good. That’s how I ended up at Health Mate®. Because it has to be about more than giving off heat, the radiation has to have a therapeutic effect.

I bought my cabin eight years ago. In the same period I got colon polyps. I then decided to stop all medication and purify my body. I used my Health Mate very intensively, and after about six months I finally started to feel fit again, after all these years. The intestinal specialist didn’t understand anything about it. “What did you do” he asked me when he saw no more polyps, no more fungi. I told him my prescription: no medication, detoxes, gluten-free food and every day into my infrared sauna. “Keep up the good work,” he said.

“I wanted to let everyone know: there is a solution if you are in pain.

And I’ve been doing it ever since. I even became a Health Mate dealer, supported by my husband who stimulated me tremendously. You know, I was so disappointed in medicine that I wanted to wake people up: there’s a solution when you’re in pain. I started small in my garage with some booths. Today I have some big shops.

My life today is completely different. I used to have constant blockages in my body, I was taken out of my car five times by the ambulance because I was so cramped. Not anymore. I had to give up my active life for a while, yes, and that was really a punishment. The disease is invisible, friends said: “But you don’t have pain, do you?” when we went out for a night. But nobody knew that I couldn’t get out of bed the next day.

Health Mate saved my life. The pain is now fully under control. It’s a tool, it doesn’t cure anything. But thanks to my infrared sauna, I forget I’m sick.”

Katrien Pauwels is 9-time Belgian Champion in figure skating, and in the 1980s she participated in two Olympic Winter Games.
She no longer competes, but she does teach advanced skaters.

Katrien: “Years ago, I used to sometimes go to a regular sauna, but it’s not the same. You have to travel, make and keep an appointment…
Since I have my own Health Mate® infrared sauna at home, a whole new world has opened up.
I choose my sauna moments myself, I take along my favourite music, and I can thoroughly relax.
The infrared radiation really feels good on my muscles—as a skater, I use every single one of them!—and I am also able to mentally rest.
It is a time to be alone and a time for reflection.
The heat in a regular sauna is almost unbearable, a real ‘chore’. You won’t find me in one any more.
But, my Health Mate® infrared sauna, on the other hand, now that’s pure ‘enjoyment’. I make time for a session 2 to 3 times per week.
I prefer the evening, as a bedtime ritual.
And believe me, I am so calm and relaxed after the sauna that the quality of my sleep is much better!”

Katrien Pauwels

Belgian champion figure skating

"An ordinary sauna is suffering. My Health Mate® infrared sauna, that's pure enjoyment."

"An ordinary sauna is suffering. My Health Mate® infrared sauna, that's pure enjoyment."

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